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The quest for a new name (2016/06/26 09:00)
What shall we call ourselves? MeTal don't cut it no mo'.

The big(ger) picture (2016/06/25 05:00)
MeTal isn't about throwing shade at WordPress users.

Things MeTal needs to do (2015/12/09 02:04)
There's only a few things, but they all matter.

What happens when I stop running my blog on lousy hardware (2015/10/25 10:56)
Amazingly, good things. In more ways than one.

I disappear(ed) (2015/10/23 05:56)
Excuse my absence. It helped me clear my head.

Why static pages? (2015/08/26 10:56)

Why create a new blogging system? (2015/08/25 10:56)