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An update for real this time (April 2017) (2017/04/09 10:00)
Emerging from cryosleep, and facing issues.

Let's see how this dog food tastes, August 2016 edition (2016/08/06 06:00)

Movable Type's template headaches (2016/07/20 08:00)
XML is no way to create a programming language, son.

Context, context, who's got the context? (2016/07/16 08:00)
The future of how template mapping expressions will work.

Must go faster, must go faster (2016/07/13 08:00)
How I'm speeding things up.

Time bombs, pt. 2 (2016/07/12 08:00)
On digging out of the fileinfo/mapping performance hole.

Time bombs (2016/07/11 08:00)
A trap I set for myself: the performance of adding or changing template mappings.

Express yourself, part II (2016/07/10 08:00)
Exploring the limits of expressions and list comprehensions as central to MeTal's logic.

Butts kicked, names taken (2016/07/09 08:00)
The latest and greatest MeTal feature is a direct product of needing to port my own blogs.

I think I have a Bobby Tables problem (2016/07/08 08:00)
Suddenly, I feel insecure.

By my bootstraps (2016/07/05 08:00)
What recreating one of my existing sites in MeTal is teaching me about the needs of the system.

Express yourself! (2016/06/03 08:00)

A glimpse of the future: "Shadow blogs" (2016/04/13 09:00)
A way to do theme editing without quite so much headache.

The mystery of the crashing queue (2016/04/08 10:00)
Knowing why something broke is more important than knowing how to fix it.

The next steps with importing (2016/03/29 09:37)
Building templates, and building features to build templates.

The latest from Camp Wobegon (2016/03/13 12:02)
News of import.

Themes and templates (2015/10/24 01:13)
Making things look good.