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Now, where was I? (2017/08/20 02:00)
It's been a while. I owe people an update.

An update for real this time (April 2017) (2017/04/09 10:00)
Emerging from cryosleep, and facing issues.

Not dead, just resting! (2017/03/10 06:00)
I haven't abandoned Mercury, honest!

Sometimes performance isn't what you think it is (2016/12/03 08:00)
Sometimes it's not even performance at all.

Breaking radio silence (2016/10/31 08:00)

And silence descended upon the land (2016/04/18 01:00)
Ssh! I'm huntin' real life!

Checking back in (2016/02/13 12:00)
Still work to be done!

Not dead, honest! (2016/01/25 01:41)

And now, a short pause (2015/12/01 12:26)
See you in January?