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Sometimes performance isn't what you think it is (2016/12/03 08:00)
Sometimes it's not even performance at all.

Context, context, who's got the context? (2016/07/16 08:00)
The future of how template mapping expressions will work.

Express yourself, part II (2016/07/10 08:00)
Exploring the limits of expressions and list comprehensions as central to MeTal's logic.

What other programming projects teach me about performance (2016/07/07 08:00)
Or, how I learned to stop worrying about CPU utilization and love Python.

Tag archives are now working! (2016/06/24 08:00)
Wild screams of joy were to be heard.

Solve the right problems (2016/06/11 12:00)
My last headscratcher, revisited.

Express yourself! (2016/06/03 08:00)

Python is pseudocode (2015/11/04 11:08)
Easy on the eyes and the mind.

The technology I'm using to build MeTal (2015/09/22 06:32)
What the bits (and pieces) are.

Why create a new blogging system? (2015/08/25 10:56)