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October check-in (2017/10/20 08:00)
Queuing, performance, UI, preview management, and more.

Tag renaming is now available (2017/08/30 07:00)
New feature, just landed.

Now, where was I? (2017/08/20 02:00)
It's been a while. I owe people an update.

An update for real this time (April 2017) (2017/04/09 10:00)
Emerging from cryosleep, and facing issues.

Butts kicked, names taken (2016/07/09 08:00)
The latest and greatest MeTal feature is a direct product of needing to port my own blogs.

News of import (2016/07/02 08:00)
As in, news about importing stuff into MeTal.

Tag archives are now working! (2016/06/24 08:00)
Wild screams of joy were to be heard.

And silence descended upon the land (2016/04/18 01:00)
Ssh! I'm huntin' real life!

Diagnosis: Workaholic (2015/12/20 03:20)
What, me worky?

Progress report (2015/12/19 04:40)
A little something new for everyone.

Little pieces (2015/11/17 05:05)
They do add up.

November 2015 update (2015/11/01 10:42)
The road ahead.