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What other programming projects teach me about performance (2016/07/07 08:00)
Or, how I learned to stop worrying about CPU utilization and love Python.

Clean your room (2016/06/19 09:00)

Solve the right problems (2016/06/11 12:00)
My last headscratcher, revisited.

Boring is good (2016/04/03 10:00)
In fact, boring is pretty hard to get right.

I like minimalism (2016/03/20 06:41)
But there's a time and a place for it, and this may not be it.

My own itch comes first (2016/03/19 06:37)
But I have to at least pretend I care about other peoples' itches, too.

Maybe I did do the right thing... (2015/11/21 01:07)
No test cases? No problem.

Little pieces (2015/11/17 05:05)
They do add up.

Python is pseudocode (2015/11/04 11:08)
Easy on the eyes and the mind.

The cutoff (2015/10/27 09:30)
When to ship?

On failure (2015/09/28 09:56)
"There is a crack in everything / That's how the light gets in."