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Sometimes performance isn't what you think it is (2016/12/03 08:00)
Sometimes it's not even performance at all.

Let's see how this dog food tastes, August 2016 edition (2016/08/06 06:00)

Movable Type's template headaches (2016/07/20 08:00)
XML is no way to create a programming language, son.

Interface speed is more important than publishing speed (2016/07/14 08:00)
Asynchronous UI is asynchronous.

Must go faster, must go faster (2016/07/13 08:00)
How I'm speeding things up.

Time bombs, pt. 2 (2016/07/12 08:00)
On digging out of the fileinfo/mapping performance hole.

Time bombs (2016/07/11 08:00)
A trap I set for myself: the performance of adding or changing template mappings.

What other programming projects teach me about performance (2016/07/07 08:00)
Or, how I learned to stop worrying about CPU utilization and love Python.

The import/export duties, and tagging (2016/03/15 05:12)
The bridge between old and new just widened a little.