Archive of all blog posts tagged 'features'

Tag renaming is now available (2017/08/30 07:00)
New feature, just landed.

Express yourself, part II (2016/07/10 08:00)
Exploring the limits of expressions and list comprehensions as central to MeTal's logic.

Butts kicked, names taken (2016/07/09 08:00)
The latest and greatest MeTal feature is a direct product of needing to port my own blogs.

By my bootstraps (2016/07/05 08:00)
What recreating one of my existing sites in MeTal is teaching me about the needs of the system.

Included plugins (2016/06/30 08:00)
What else is gonna be in the box?

Included themes (2016/06/29 08:00)
What'll be available "in the box".

A glimpse of the future: "Shadow blogs" (2016/04/13 09:00)
A way to do theme editing without quite so much headache.

A thousand little victories (2016/04/01 10:00)
This is one of them: scheduled publishing.for MeTal.

The next steps with importing (2016/03/29 09:37)
Building templates, and building features to build templates.

I like minimalism (2016/03/20 06:41)
But there's a time and a place for it, and this may not be it.

Checking back in (2016/02/13 12:00)
Still work to be done!

A version roadmap for MeTal (2015/12/22 05:03)
Our map is finally spread out for all to see.

Progress report (2015/12/19 04:40)
A little something new for everyone.

This just in: A new menu (2015/12/16 11:00)
I'll have the commit, with a side of pull request.

Things MeTal needs to do (2015/12/09 02:04)
There's only a few things, but they all matter.

November 2015 update (2015/11/01 10:42)
The road ahead.

The cutoff (2015/10/27 09:30)
When to ship?

Inch by inch (2015/10/11 11:56)
The slow progress towards something useful.