October check-in

By Serdar Yegulalp | 2017/10/20 08:00

Time for a check-in. It's been a bit.

Queuing tweaks

When a queue is about to run, it checks to make sure nothing was inserted into the queue within the last ten seconds or so. That's a sign an insert operation is in progress. (I was originally going to do this with a locking algorithm, but decided to try this instead, since it would be less complex. I'm not sure that was the best idea, but so far it works fine.)

Performance tweaks

The listing framework, which generates things like lists of posts in a blog, runs very slowly when you advance to the end of the list for the first time. I think this is due to a badly formed query, but I'm still researching it.

UI tweaks

New preview management system

Whenever you generate a preview for a page or a template, it's tracked and managed in a central listing. You can examine them from there, pass links around, or delete the previews selectively or en masse. Eventually you'll be able to "pin" previews so that they remain persistent across multiple publishing runs -- for instance, if you want to share a preview for a long period of time for feedback.

Various internal code cleanups

The whole way parameters are passed to a UI for things like listing pages is way too verbose and complex. I'm trying to clean that up for the sake of future maintainability.

Tags: previews progress queue

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