Breaking radio silence

By Serdar Yegulalp | 2016/10/31 08:00

Sorry there hasn't been much activity on this front as of late. I've been dealing with other things in my life, and haven't had time to do much more than make minor tweaks. E.g.: You now have the option to save and preview in one click, or just preview from the draft already saved on the back end.

Two things I'm going to be trying to deal with in the near term, though:

  1. Moving my main blog,, to Mercury. This will involve rebuilding the template I have for it, by itself a tough job.
  2. Attempting to ensure the installer works, and providing enough documentation to allow it to be installed somewhere.
  3. Writing enough documentation for the rest of the system to allow it to be usable with the base template set. Development docs can come later.

On the plus side, using Mercury to run has been a net positive - it's helped me tease out a number of bugs and think through some solid improvements for the future.

The basic premise of Mercury hasn't changed, though: Provide a web publishing system that generates static pages for performance, has a front end that's friendly and pleasant to work with, build in a set of tools that allow for useful expansion without also creating clutter, and make things as fast as possible without also compromising these other qualities.

Tags: real life

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