On the verge of a revolution

By Serdar Yegulalp | 2016/07/22 08:00

OK, maybe that's overstating the case a bit, but it's still pretty momentous news. I'm on track by the end of this month to have one of my existing sites, Ganriki.org, moved over from Movable Type to MeTal and running there full-time!

I spent most of this month creating the tools needed to make that happen:

All of these efforts helped expose new bugs, fix old ones, and give me a much better idea of how things could be improved across the board.

I knew from the start that the best way to test something like this would be to base my own workflow on it, and to pay as much attention as possible to every single pain point. If it wasn't easy for me to use, it wouldn't be easy for anyone else to use, either.

The testing will broaden to include all the other sites I run, like my personal blog Genji Press, and some other things I have lying around that can be used as test cases. Eventually, that'll include a test migrating into MySQL (from SQLite) to see how well things behave in that database environment, although I don't know if I'm going to use that for production here. In all honesty, SQLite gets me close enough to home, for now, that I may stick with it.

I'll post another update here when Ganriki.org has fully migrated over.

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