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By Serdar Yegulalp | 2016/06/29 08:00

One of the things that will come pre-packaged with MeTal (or whatever it's going to be called, see here and here) is a set of themes. At least one will be included out of the gate, but over time I'd like to add others that will be considered "official", and bundled with the installer.

Here's an expanded discussion of the basic themes I've worked up so far:

Amano: The default blog theme. The theme you're looking at now is intended to be the core for Amano. It's not intended to be anything special, just enough to get you up and running, and provide the basics for a personal blog.

Shinbun: A theme for news-type sites. currently uses something that will eventually be turned into Shinbun.

Kagami: A simple, spare theme for Tumblr- or Medium-like blogging. There's a few stock Bootstrap themes out there that can serve as a good base for this. I might also use it as a basis for a "microblog" theme, like a personal version of Twitter.

Jisho: A theme for sites that are collections of information rather than blogs, such as guides or cyclopedic sites. I have a prototype of this running right now, but it isn't very pretty; it's mostly proof-of-concept.

Tezuka: A theme for webcomics. I'm probably just going to base this on some existing Bootstrap theme designed for such things, as I imagine a few of them are scurrying around out there.

Muji: An empty theme, something that can be used to start building a new theme entirely from scratch. This is just a bunch of empty containers, so it doesn't require a lot of work; but it is something I want to supply as a prepackaged item.

Next I'll be talking about the possible plugins that will be included, and later on I'll discuss how both plugins and themes could be provided by third parties.

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