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By Serdar Yegulalp | 2016/06/25 17:00

Earlier this week I mentioned MeTal to someone else, and my rather blithe lead-in to the discussion was "I can't stand WordPress, so..."

I'm actually not fond of talking about MeTal in that light for a couple of reasons, and thinking about those reasons helped me frame up what this project is really about.

First off, there are a lot of WordPress users out there, and a lot of genuine fans of the program to boot. Attempting to alienate them earns me nothing. The best I can do is build something that is as enjoyable to work with.

Trying to sway WordPress users by talking about how terrible WordPress is seems like the wrong approach. It's a little like the misguided way Linux users would try to appeal to Windows users, but most of the pitch ended up being redundant or insulting: what Windows users wanted was not Linux or free-as-in-speech software, but a Windows that didn't crash all the time. Eventually, they got one, and while Linux still has a desktop audience, it's still the same statistically insignificant sliver as ever.

So, it isn't about throwing shade at WordPress users. It's about building an alternative to the application, a different way of doing the same things. It's not about attacking the audience for that application. Many people use WordPress because they have no choice, or because the wealth of themes and add-ons for it makes it a no-brainer.

I see where these folks are coming from, and a lot of what I want to provide is a base atop which similar things can in time be built. If it becomes a viable alternative to WordPress, fine. If not, still fine. The whole thing was designed to scratch my own itch first -- although I've found it's good to pretend as if you're scratching everyone else's itches too.

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