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By Serdar Yegulalp | 2016/03/13 12:02

Been a while since I checked in here, so I thought I'd provide some updates.

I'm currently concentrating on a set of features that is designed to aid the relocation of my existing sites to MeTal, including things like a JSON-format importer. I have an early, crude version of it running, but it needs a lot more expansion before I can really do anything with it.

The other major thing I did was some heavy work on the template and theming systems. You can now:

This will eventually allow you to create a theme that is based on another theme, and thus allow changes to the underlying theme to propagate to the new one in a non-destructive way. That's the hope, anyway; I at least want to lay the foundations for such a thing to be possible in the long run.

Mainly, though, the near-term mission is to build out the feature set that I need to support my own sites and allow them to run on the new system. That way I'll have something I'm using in as intensive a day-to-day way as possible.

I still want to find a way to draw a line in the sand and declare something a 0.1 version for public use, but I'm not going to break myself in half over it at this point. It's become clear to me delivering something for public consumption is going to be inherently difficult, and that I might as well try to satisfy my own use case as thoroughly as I can first. But I'll keep everyone posted.

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