I like minimalism

By Serdar Yegulalp | 2016/03/20 18:41

I really do. For a while I was entertaining the idea of replacing Movable Type with something like this script, a real masterwork of minimalism. All it does is generate pages based on a template, and dumps the results into a folder for easy uploading. Elegant, tiny, nice use of existing libraries. Bravo.

I briefly considered something like this, but realized I had too many other use cases that it simply wouldn't cover. No diss on Will, but I had more that needed to be covered than a minimal script would handle. Categories, tagging, media management -- these weren't things I used just because they were there, but because I had a legitimate use case for them. They weren't "bloat"; they were part of the work I needed to do.

Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between a feature you need and a feature that just gets used because you can't imagine life without it. There is a difference, but it isn't always obvious. The former is a matter of goals; the latter is a matter of habit. Tagging and categories are things I build other things on top of, and I wouldn't want to be without them if I could help it. Building them is a pain, to be sure, but the prospect of having to build other things without building them first really doesn't turn me on.

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