November 2015 update

By Serdar Yegulalp | 2015/11/01 10:42

Between one thing and another on this end, I thought I'd give a quick rundown of what's been completed most recently in MeTal, and where we go from here:

  1. The installer is more or less finished in the sense that it's base-functional. It doesn't yet accommodate some things that are going to be needed for the future (like some tweaks to the way the basic theme set is installed on setup), but it gets things going. It's also still only designed to work on Apache systems; that's mostly because the vast, vast majority of users are on Apache and I haven't yet gotten any experience with Nginx. One thing at a time.
  2. Archive building works for standard chonological archives (including month/year archives), categories, and users. It doesn't yet work for tags, in big part because tag archives can get very unwieldy very fast, so I'm holding off on that until I can find a good way to handle the problem.
  3. The settings for the rich text editor (TinyMCE) can now be set by way of a blog theme. That way, different themes that have different needs can have the editor configured to match.
  4. Images also have their own template sets, which are again part of the blog theme.
  5. Category management is almost finished as well. It isn't pretty -- e.g., you don't yet have a hierarchical category view -- but it works, and category hierarchies can be created and managed.

Still to come:

Now for the big question: When will it be usable by someone other than me? I'm tentatively aiming for some time in the spring of next year, but don't quote me on that.

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