What happens when I stop running my blog on lousy hardware

By Serdar Yegulalp | 2015/10/25 10:56

You might remember my earlier post with a similar name. Well, as of late I'm no longer running on hardware that's quite as lousy as before, thanks to an upgrade from my hosting company. I'm now on an SSD-backed server, so most everything runs faster. But it hasn't made irrelevant the caution I built up when running on far slower hardware.

For one, all the habits I built up -- like ensuring that operations that go back and forth between the server have some kind of visual feedback -- are now part of the way I do things normally. It was wise to do that to begin with, and having worked with those kinds of feedback for a while has made me attentive to what works and what doesn't.

E.g., while there's some kind of visual feedback for when I submit a tag, the name of the tag submitted isn't part of that, so I'm going to rework that. It feels too much like the tag just sort of vanishes into the ether for a short time when you add the tag, and that's the kind of UI paper cut I want to avoid.

Good habits, once acquired and indulged in regularly, are indispensible. I'm getting into the habit of writing my documentation in parallel with my code as well -- although I haven't yet done that with any testing, in big part because I'm rather daunted by the prospect of writing tests for a project like this. I'm doing some research into how to best accomplish that.

Tags: UI/UX infrastructure whys and wherefores

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