I disappear(ed)

By Serdar Yegulalp | 2015/10/23 17:56

A funny thing happened on the way to upgrading my site to a more advanced hosting package: Python 3 support didn't make the trip. Hence, no posts for quite some time; only today did my hosting company get things squared away. Apparently there was some major behind-the-scenes effort involved, for reasons I'm not privy to, but as long as things are running again, that's all that matters. Plus which, the new server is much snappier than the last one, so I can't complain too much!

I've not done much work with MeTal in the last couple of weeks, for precisely this reason. Not being able to run it "live" meant I was only able to do the most trivial of work on it; that and I had other things a-callin' for my attention.

The next major pieces of work I plan to pull off involve the tag and category management systems. I don't intend for them to be full-blown -- just enough to get things running, and provide a solid foundation for each. It is possible to add tags (and remove them), but that's about it; what's lacking is the ability to rename them, delete them en masse, add or modify attributes, etc.

I have another major programming project that will be taking up my attention throughout December, so I'm seeing how much I can get done before then. Considering I haven't been able to work on this project anywhere nearly full-time, I'm impressed how much I was able to accomplish in about nine months. (I started working on the project in roughly February 2015, and I'd like to have a proper 0.1 public release by 2016-02 if possible.)

Here's a rough rundown, then, of what else I have to do:

The point isn't to have these features in their final incarnations, but to get them to the point where they are usable if only in a simple way -- and then find out what direction they need to be taken in to make them full-fledged.

Tags: design refactoring whys and wherefores

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